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“Well worth the price, beautiful print that was the highlight of our son’s Eagle Court of Honor.”  Gail S., Roanoke, VA

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This unique gift has become one of the most popular gifts presented to Eagle Scouts and their families.  It makes a wonderful Eagle Court of Honor presentation gift. The uniforms and badges will eventually be stored away and forgotten, but this unique gift is a lifelong reminder of a special time in life...both for the Eagle and his family.  This professional-grade 8x10 print is of a majestic bald eagle soaring over a shimmering lake.   The frame is for illustration only, you are ordering an 8x10 unframed print.  The inset poem, This Uniformed Little Boy, beautifully captures all of the emotions on the trail to Eagle.  A copy of the poem is below along with instructions on how to order the print.

This Uniformed Little Boy

It seems like only yesterday, his eyes were lit with joy,

As we watched with admiration, this uniformed little boy.

Campouts, picnics, pinewood cars, the years slipped quickly by,

The colors changed from blue to green, in the twinkling of an eye.

Soon came ranks of Tenderfoot, Second, First, and Star,

Each leading toward that final quest, once visioned from afar.

And then the rank of Life, and as life can often do,

The goal so close within his grasp, was dimming from his view.

Yet from within he found the strength to reach that final quest,

Remembering words from years gone by:  I Will Do My Best.

It seems like only yesterday, his eyes were lit with joy,

As we watched with admiration, this uniformed little boy.

Now with an eagle upon his chest, he soars where once he ran,

No longer that uniformed little boy; our Son....an Eagle....a Man.

Mike Wood

Copyright 1992 All Rights Reserved

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